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Churches and Locations

St. Paul Cathedral,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sibbel's representation of Saint Paul, high above the main doors of this cathedral.

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Sibbel prided himself in his efforts to portray the saints in historic dress and lifelike poses. Adhering to traditional artistic representation of the saints, all his subjects display symbols of their importance as in the statue of Saint Paul (pictured right). Sibbel created this missionary figure of the New Testment holding a scroll in his left hand and a sword in his right. The scroll represents authorship of his letters in the New Testament and the sword reminds us of his martyrdom.

In November, 2007, Saint Paul Cathedral published the book, "A Reflection of Faith, St. Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,1906-2006." To find out how you can purchase a copy of this award-winning book that showcases the work of Joseph Sibbel, go to:

Joseph Sibbel's last major project, St. Paul Cathedral houses 25 statues, 14 Stations of the Cross, two altars, a magnificent baptismal font, four bronze holy water fonts, and many other decorative and devotional pieces.
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