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This charming chapel on the campus of Mercyhurst College in North East, Pennsylvania, is named St. Mary's, the same name as the Redemptorist Seminary which occupied the grounds until 1985. Many reminders of the Redemptorist roots of this institution still remain, particularly in the chapel.

At St. Mary's, Joseph Sibbel was asked to furnish five altars and the Stations of the Cross (removed and now replaced by a modern, framed set). The high altar, and the side altars--the Pieta, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Joseph, and the Death of St. Joseph, still remain. Over the years, the details of the panels of these altars have been repainted. However, Sibbel's artistic touches still exist in the marble details which include floral symbolism (roses for Mary, lilies for St. Joseph) and the Redemptorist emblem (St. Joseph altar). The altars display beautiful angel candleholders that must be the work of the sculptor!

Joseph Sibbel completed the work for St. Mary's Chapel prior to his project at another Redemptorist Seminary, Mount St. Alphonsus in Esopus, New York which was sold in 2012. Their beautiful Romanesque chapel housed outstanding examples of Sibbel's artistic abilities including two larger-than-life bronze angels which formerly held the sanctuary lamps.
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St. Paul Cathedral
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Click on the photo to see Sibbel's "Death of St. Joseph Altar" inside the chapel.
This marble representation of the Nativity once beautified the chapel of
Mt. St. Alphonsus in Esopus, New York which closed in 2012. The marble statues have been transferred to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission Church in Boston, MA.
Click on the photo above to see a photo of the sanctuary as it once existed at
Mt. St. Alphonsus.

Churches and Locations

St. Mary's Chapel,
Mercyhurst College Northeast, PA
St. Mary's Chapel
Mercyhurst College
Northeast, PA
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